Plan your Vacation in Chelan with Us

Plan your Vacation in Chelan with Us

Thinking about spending your Vacation in Chelan, how about spending it at Chelan Cabins!

Living in the Pacific Northwest means you have tons of places to choose from to get away. One of the great joys of living in or around Seattle means you’re about 3 miles in any direction from either the Ocean, the Mountains or the peace and quiet of Eastern Washington.

So, where is your favorite in-State vacation spot? If you’ve lived here long enough, almost everyone has enjoyed a vacation in Chelan!

What are some of the cool things to do on vacation in Chelan?

Most folks immediately think of the Lake when Chelan comes up in conversation. But, do you know all the cool things to do and places to stay that are off the beaten path.

Chelan is certainly well known for all the water sports you can enjoy as well as the quaint shops and wonderful dining. So, when it comes to planning your vacation in Chelan, most are content to stay right in town. From the Wineries to the  plentitude of outdoor and backcountry sports, Chelan really does have more to offer than meets the eye!

And no matter what you’re planning to do during your vacation to Chelan or how long you’re planning to visit, you would be missing out on one of the greatest adventures if you didn’t come and stay with us at Chelan Cabin Rentals.

What’s so cool about stayin’ in a cabin?

The idea of a vacation in Chelan doesn’t have to mean laying by the pool or nick nack shopping in town. NO WAY! I’m talking about hanging out in the great outdoors in your own private 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Cabins complete with fully equipped kitchens, quiet comfortable bedrooms and cracklin’ indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

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Chill out after a long day in your private hot tub. Enjoy loads of activities from Cross Country Skiing during the Winter to Mountain Biking and riding our own Zip Line throughout the long Summer months!

You’ll never look at your vacation in Chelan the same way ever again!

Don’t you think it’s time to look at Chelan from a different point of view? Give us a call at 509-687-8467 or make a reservation right now to see how the other half vacations in Chelan…you will not be disappointed!

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