About Uncle Tim

Hello and thank you for your interest in my cabin resort. The 32-acre property I purchased approximately 14 years ago has 3 sides National Forest (Echo Ridge Trail System) and I border with Echo Vally ski hill. It is a natural playground for year round enjoyment. The cabins are spread out to provide a real cabin feel, private and quiet, with Lake Chelan and the town of Manson just a 10-15 minute drive. The resort is at “the end of the grid,” as I like to say.

I have been building cabins as time and money allow, always keeping in mind that I would gladly stay in each one for comfort, cleanliness and affordability. Resort-style amenities such as a pool, cabana, hot tubs, horseshoes, pool table, basketball court, volleyball, soccer and other forms of recrreation including three zip lines, are all available in an intimate setting, without the feeling of being over-crowded. This is important to me. My repeat customers have said, it never seems too busy, and I say—isn’t that great!

I started vacationing in Chelan 25 years ago, staying at camp grounds, state parks, various hotels, resorts, all-the-while coming to enjoy all the recreational activities Chelan has to offer (biking, hiking. snowshoeing, cross-country skiing). In all this time, never did I drive up Cooper Gulch to Echo Vally where I now live and work. And I thought “I knew” Chelan Valley Property. I had however bought a vacation lot and built a home to vacation at. Then one day in traffic on I-5 (still living and working in Seattle) I said, I’m selling out and moving to Chelan. So I moved into my vacation home and started Uncle Tim’s Toy Rentals.

Winter came and I decided to try to rent snowmobiles. This is when I stumbled onto Echo Valley. The property was for sale and I thought it would be an excellent place to keep snowmobiles. Then friends from Seattle suggested I build a cabin so they could come over and stay. That is where the resort idea seeded. It has been a really wonderful learning experience and I am so glad to have seen myself and the resort grow over the years.

I am now a firm believer in following your instincts and trying new things in life and business. Isn’t that why we’re alive? Come stay and play at Chelan Rentals Resort with the help of Uncle Tim’s Toys! Uncle Tim – Owner/Operator P.S. I am an uncle 24 times, so Uncle Tim is kind of a natural, shall I say 😉 uncle_tim


Chelan Rentals Resort

Quiet, Clean, Comfortable Cabins and Recreational Equipment Rentals for Responsible Guest at a Reasonable Price.

Tim, John and Sara